Current Projects

How does superior memory function?  An evaluation of individuals with exceptional memory (collaborators: Dave Balota, Kathleen McDermott, Henry Roediger).

Can age-related deficits in performance be reduced or eliminated by manipulating factors known to influence learning? (collaborator: Dave Balota).

An fMRI evaluation of the distribution-based bifurcation model of testing effects. (collaborators from Umea University, Sweden: Bert Jonsson, Linnea Karlsson, Lars Nyberg, Carola Wiklung-Hornqvist).

How do individual difference factors influence which schedules of retrieval practice are optimal for retention? (collaborators: Pooja Agarwal, Heather Bailey, Henry Roediger).

To what extent does mediator shifting contribute to the test potentiated learning effect? (collaborators from Duke University: Kathleen Arnold, Allison Cantor, Elizabeth Marsh).